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All-cause mortality versus BMI for each sex in the range 15–50 kg/m˛ (excluding the first 5 years of follow-up).  Relative risks at ages 35–89 years, adjusted for age at risk, smoking, and study, were multiplied by a common factor (ie, floated) to make the weighted average match the PSC mortality rate at ages 35–79 years. Floated mortality rates shown above each square and numbers of deaths below. Area of square is inversely proportional to the variance of the log risk. Boundaries of BMI groups are indicated by tick marks. 95% CIs for floated rates reflect uncertainty in the log risk for each single rate. Dotted vertical line indicates 25 kg/m˛ (boundary between upper and lower BMI ranges in this report).
All-cause mortality at age 35-69 years vs. BMI by baseline smoking status (excluding the first 5 years of follow-up).  Conventions as in figure 6 (ie, slide 11). For 35-50 kg/m2, only the upper or only the lower part of the CI is shown.
Adjusted final length (cm) by length-for-age Z-score categories at baseline and by treatment. Adjusted final lengths are least squares means ± SEM computed using ordinary least squares regression analysis. Age, gender, weight-for-length Z score and mother's schooling were adjusted for in the model. *The interaction between length-for-age Z-score categories and treatment was significant (P < 0.05).