"...all doctors should be able to diagnose and treat nutritional deficiencies."

Royal College of Physicians. Nutrition and Patients: A Doctor's Responsibility. London 2002


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Cancer – in Remission

The survival rates for cancer have improved significantly over the last three decades and for many, cancer may be viewed as a chronic disease.  Cancer Research UK estimates that there are 1m cancer survivors in the UK.  The early detection and successful treatment of cancer especially of the breast, prostate and colon may serve as a wake-up call for many to make lifestyle changes.

These lifestyle changes may include as appropriate: cessation of smoking, reduction in alcohol consumption, eating a healthy diet and undertaking a reasonable amount of exercise.

Some people may wish to commence on supplements of essential nutrients but this may not always be advisable.

Should Cancer Survivors take Nutritional Supplements?
Those who have survived cancer should consider the following steps before deciding whether to take nutritional supplements;

If you do take supplements and the cancer returns or a new cancer develops, then, once again, you should discuss the pros and cons of being on nutritional supplements with your medical advisors.
It is possible that with continuing research the best advice on this difficult issue will change over the next few years and it may vary depending upon the type of cancer, age and other circumstances of the individual.

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Major Contraindications to Nutritional Supplements.  The data in each of these sections is summarised in a table which the reader should look at if you have not already done so [internal link].  The individual sections can be accessed from the table itself or from the list below.

It may be useful to print off a copy of the table and any relevant sections for you to discuss with your health advisor especially your doctor and your dietitian/nutritionist.  The reader should be advised that though the information contained in both the chart and the individual sections is well researched some doctors and other healthcare workers may not be entirely familiar with the information.  The views expressed in these sections as well as elsewhere on this site are those of the author unless otherwise stated.

It is the author’s view that the information in the summary chart should be available wherever nutritional supplements are sold and the reader is welcome to pass it on as they see fit.

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