"...all doctors should be able to diagnose and treat nutritional deficiencies."

Royal College of Physicians. Nutrition and Patients: A Doctor's Responsibility. London 2002


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Information for New Patients

Dr Stewart consults in three locations in Sussex as well as in central London.  His administrative office is based in Lewes in East Sussex.

New patients for all four locations can book an appointment by telephoning 01273-487003 and speaking with either Chris Hartard or Allison Peters.

New patients will be sent a detailed four page questionnaire, which should be completed and brought along to the consultation together with any other relevant medical documents that are in your possession together with any referral letter from your GP/specialist.
New patients will also be sent a map of the clinic’s location and transport and parking arrangements can be discussed with my secretary.

If the patient is disabled then this should be mentioned at the time of booking.  Disabled patients in a wheelchair are best seen in Lewes if possible but may be able to be seen elsewhere.

Nutritional Supplements and Medication

If you are already taking nutritional supplements please provide details of these on the questionnaire that you will receive.  If you are taking a complex multivitamin supplement it may be easier to bring this with you so that I can see its exact content.
Please do not take any nutritional supplements for 24 hours before your consultation with me.  This will mean that any blood tests that are performed are likely to reflect your nutritional state more accurately.
However you should take all of your prescribed and other medication without interruption.

Private Medical Insurance

If you are a member of a medical insurance scheme such as BUPA or PPP then you may be able to claim for the cost of your consultation and possibly any tests that are required depending upon the terms and conditions of your scheme.  As these vary from scheme to scheme it is best to discuss how to make a claim with either of my secretaries when you make your appointment.  You will need to contact your insurer before the consultation date in order to be able to claim for the cost of services. Often the insurer will require details of the relevant insurance company provider number, which can be given at the time of any initial enquiry.

Allergy Tests

Patients with inhalant or food allergies may need allergy tests.  Skin prick tests can be performed at the time of the consultation and this is often an appropriate method of testing for allergies in patients with asthma, rhinitis, immediate allergic reactions to foods and sometimes eczema and digestive problems.  If you are taking anti-histamine medication this should be stopped for five days before the consultation if you want to have allergy tests performed.  Blood tests for certain food allergies are also available, though these can be quite expensive.

Laboratory Tests of Nutritional State

Tests for deficiencies of the essential nutrients can also be performed.  Most of the vitamins and minerals as well as the essential fatty acids can be assessed using standard tests that are identical to or similar to those that are used as part of the National Diet and Nutrition Surveys.   The cost of these tests is in addition to the consultation charge and you will usually be billed separately.  This may be covered by your insurer.  

Changing Your Appointment

Once you have made an appointment if you need to change it I and my staff would be grateful if you could give 48 hours notice.

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